“Tease Toes”


It felt nice to have a nice relaxing afternoon. It was the third day of our tropical vacation and after a day of travel and a night of watching performances we decided to spend the day with no plans. After a lazy morning of sex and room service breakfast we decided to sit in the semi-secluded hot tub to thoroughly enjoy doing nothing.

Sitting in the roiling water with you leaning against my right side leaves me completely relaxed. You put your feet up on the bench in the hot top and my arm is casually over your shoulder with my fingertips are resting on your right breast. I lazily trace around your nipple and close my eyes so I can focus on the feeling of your nipple hardening from my touch. We both started to get turned on.

A few minutes later our peace is disturbed by the sound of someone else stepping into the hot tub. We both tense up and I move my hand away from your breast. Opening my eyes I see Jess and Brad lower themselves down into the hot tub. Brad sat on the bench at the end of your feet and Jess settled in on his right which put her across from me.

We had met Jess and Brad at one of the shows the night before. They were close to our age and a little bit fitter than us. Just enough that they were nice to look at without making us feel inadequate. Jess was fun to be around. She always looked like she was up to something. Brad and I got along great, but he was shy talking with you.

“Don’t stop on our account. That looked blissful.” Jess smiled and winked. “In fact, I could go for some of that myself.” She leaned against Brad and grabbed his hands, wrapping his arms around her from behind and placing his hand squarely on her breasts. He blushed and Jess laughed.

With her hands on top of his, Jess squeezed her breasts with Brad’s hands and arched her back. She turned and appeared to be checking you out. “Brad has always had a thing for redheads and I….” Jess made eye contact with me then glanced at you before looking down and pushing her blonde hair behind her ear. “Well we always thought a tropical vacation would be a good place to explore our fantasies and…”

I felt you grip my leg under the water then trace your fingertips along my skin. I could tell you were turned on and I was already getting hard. I cleared my throat, “We had the same kind of idea. Maybe we could help each other out.”

Brad moved his left hand from Jess and move it under the water. I felt you quietly gasp when his fingertips brushed against your toes. I returned my hand to your breast and I can feel your hard nipple under your swimsuit. I can tell that he is still touching your toes and it’s obvious that all 4 of us are very turned on.

I know that having your toes tickled isn’t normally a big turn on but in this case we all knew that it was just a hint of what was to come. We were about to fulfill some of our steamiest fantasies with another couple.

Bound Anticipation


She always felt a little different laying on a bed with her head near the foot of the bed. It felt rebellious in a silly way and she could even feel that rebelliousness now as she lay on her back, naked, with her legs and arms spread out. The blindfold over her eyes hid the details of their lavish room at the upscale inn they were staying at for the week but she could still smell the faint potpourri and feel the smooth wood of the posts of the bed near her hands.

Her ankles were already tied to the posts at the head of the bed and, even though she could hear him away from the bed, going through their luggage that contained their sex toys, she did not move her untied hands. She ran her fingers playfully along the bed posts as she waited for him to come back and bind her wrists to the posts. She squirmed slightly with arousal as she thought about what they were doing. This inn was a place of tradition and decorum. It was not the kind of place people think of when they imagine willing sex slaves giving themselves over to their Master’s sexual deviancies. It made her feel more naughty that in this elegant setting, she was naked, bound, blindfolded and willing to do anything He asked.

She was so lost in her thoughts that it surprised her when she felt his touch on her right wrist. Her heart jumped and she gasped slightly before realizing He was tying her to the bed. She licked her lips and smiled in anticipation as he moved to her left wrist. She could smell his musk as his body passed by her head. She was starting to get impatient as the wetness between her legs grew.

With wrists and ankles now bound completely to the bed she was completely vulnerable and in his care and she loved it. She heard him go back to the luggage but had no idea what he grabbed out if it. She felt him approach the foot of the bed and smelled his cologne as he got closer. It wasn’t until she felt him blow on her lips that she realized how close he was to her. She gasped and instantly ached for his touch. She leaned up to kiss his lips but she couldn’t find them. He had pulled away. She dropped her head back on the bed in disappointment. It must have shown because she heard him chuckle softly. He was teasing her. She couldn’t wait for more. This was going to be an amazing night.

Good Slave Sucks Up

It’s been a while since we’ve attempted a Sinful Sunday pic. The first one was fun and I’ve enjoyed both. We need to do it more often. Mrs. Squirrel was not as comfortable with this pic since she’s not comfortable with her body. I love it because it’s a unique angle that shows my good, obedient slave doing something we both love.
The prompt for Sinful Sunday was “Shoot From Below” – check out more by clicking on the lips below.
Sinful Sunday

Slave’s First Social Call (Part 1)


Lisa and John had never taken their kinky relationship out into public before. John had instructed Lisa to wear her public collar out a few times but they were careful in their actions and she never felt like anyone could tell that she was John’s submissive sex toy. Tonight was different though. John had made a new friend in Steven and found out that Steven was also a Dominant so tonight was a “Guys Night In… with the slaves” at Steven’s house.

Lisa had been very nervous about the idea and came close to backing out a few times. The idea that other people would know why she was wearing her public collar filled her with dread, but still a little bit of excitement. John had insisted they dress up for the night. John was wearing his black leather shoes, black pinstripe pants, white dress shirt and a sport coat. Lisa was wearing an emerald green dress, white heels, her collar and lacey panties that matched her dress.

When John and Lisa were at Steven’s front door John stopped Lisa before ringing the doorbell and looked her up and down, “You look absolutely amazing. Remember our rules and your manners.” Lisa nodded her head. She was too nervous to speak. He pressed the doorbell.

“Do you trust me?” he asked.

“Yeah… yes.” she replied.

John quickly grabbed her wrist and twisted it behind her back as he moved behind her, grabbed her hair and pulled her head back so his lips were at her ear. “Didn’t I just fucking tell you to remember your manners? Do you trust your Master?”

Lisa almost panicked at the thought of the door opening as she was being held like this. She thought of how embarrassed she would be. “Yes, sir. Yes I trust you, sir.” she tried to reply as quickly as she could. Just calling him “Sir”, focused her mind back on how much it turned her on to have John treat her this way. As John let go of her hair and moved her hand back to her side, Lisa was realizing just how turned on she was. Her nipples were taught against the cups of her bra and she noticed wetness in her panties.

“Who do you belong to?” his question was more of a demand than a request.

“You, sir. I belong to you.” Lisa purred.

“Good girl.” he replied.

Just then the door started to open and in that brief moment she realized her nervous energy and dread was almost an afterthought. She felt her Master’s presence behind her and knew that she could handle whatever would happen tonight because she was His.

RLT: Kissing Another Man

This is my opinion piece that discusses the story of Kissing Another Man. If the idea of 2 men kissing turns you on at all, give it a good read.

I think I’ve kissed another man before, but it was a long time ago. I’d do it again, but I’m not sure kissing another man, lips on lips, is high on my to-do list.

Sometimes a kiss is a promise. A promise that you want more than just a kiss. I’d go for one of those before kisses move on to chests, stomachs, thighs, cocks, and anywhere else my lust leads me…

But when kissing lasts longer than I’d like, it starts to feel more like an invasion of my personal space that is my face and a distraction to what I’d rather be focusing on.

Kissing Another Man


It had been years since John had played “Truth-or-Dare” but here he was with his wife, his best friend and his best friend’s wife playing the game while sitting on their living room floor.At 36 years old, John was fit but you could still tell he enjoyed his beer. John’s wife Liz was still amazing. John still loved kissing his way from her full breasts down her tight stomach to her perfectly manicured mound. When she gave him that “come hither” look, her dark hair framed her face and her brown eyes smoked with desire.

Tony was a year older than John but still in great shape. He was always trying to get John to go to the gym more. He had short dark hair, a muscular but thin build and an infectious smile. His wife, Kris, was an amazing blonde-haired knockout. John always had a hard time not getting caught staring at Kris’s cleavage whenever she was wearing a low-cut shirt which was often.

They had gone through a few rounds of the game. Even though no one had chosen “dare” yet, the “truths” were still enticingly informative. So far the group found out that Kris had made a sexual video of herself. It took her a little bit of coaxing to admit to what was in the video, but she finally admitted the video included her playing with a dildo and massaging her breasts. They found out that Liz’s favorite position was on top with her hands on the bed, straddling her partner while grinding into him. John admitted that he had once performed oral sex on another man… and kind of liked it. And Tony told a brief tale of a MMF 3-some he participated in which left John wanting to hear more.

Alcohol was helping to fuel the lack  of inhibitions of the group. Liz had just finished showing the group what her orgasms sounded like. The fact that she started groping and rubbing herself wasn’t part of the question but it made the answer much more enjoyable for everyone. Liz finished her answer with a breathy, “So…um.. yeah. It sounds like that.” It took everyone a minute to compose themselves before it was John’s turn. Feeling horny and adventurous, John chose “dare”.

Kris chose the card. She smiled deviously when she read it and looked at John. “I dare you to kiss…” she licked her lips and bit her lip, “I dare you to kiss Tony.” Both men looked at her in shock.

“Hey, the card says to kiss someone of the same sex. I didn’t make it up… but I kinda want to see it.” She said before looking at the floor and pushing her hair behind her left ear.

John looked at Liz for help. All she offered was a shrug and a smile. He looked at Tony and Tony offered a sheepish smile. “I guess we have to do what the card says, right?” Tony asked.

John and Tony were sitting next to each other. John leaned towards Tony and put his right hand on the floor. Tony leaned towards John and put his left hand on the floor. When their faces got close, John could smell Tony’s musky cologne and his heartbeat quickened. He wasn’t sure if he could do this. When Tony placed his right hand on the inside of John’s thigh, John involuntarily moaned as his lips met with Tony’s.

The kiss was much softer than John thought it would be. When their lips met, Tony’s hand gripped John’s thigh and John’s hard-on twitched. John felt light-headed as his tongue almost involuntarily reached Tony’s lips. John put his hand on Tony’s hip as they reingaged with a deeper kiss. It felt like Tony’s hand was about to brush his balls as their tongues lapped against each other and their lips stayed pressed against each other.

The kiss ended slowly. John licked his lips as he separated from Tony. Real life slowly encroached on John and he blushed. His cock was just as hard, if not harder, than it was after hearing Liz show off her moans. He moved close to his wife and finally mustered enough courage to look her in the eye. She smiled before holding his face and moving her lips close to his left ear. “That…” she said in a husky whisper, “was fucking hot.”

The adrenaline was still making John feel edgy but now he felt much better for the next round of Truth-or-Dare.